Sales Training

sales-trainingHow do you train your sales people? Do you have a ready-to-go New Hire Training Program for new sales people? How do they learn about your products and services? How do they know what is expected of them regarding performance and goal achievement? How do you assess the skill level of your sales people?

New sales people will benefit by training directed at the overall company, your products and services, your departments, your people, your culture and core values and how everyone contributes to the growth of the company.

Sales people will also benefit by additional sales training aimed at improving their selling skills and, ultimately, enhancing their opportunities to succeed. I can help you develop a Sales Training Program that will include:

  • Identifying and prioritizing target customers
  • Developing and maintaining strong professional relationships
  • Navigating the sales cycle in your industry successfully
  • Effectively communicating your company’s unique value proposition, enabling you to differentiate yourself from your competition
  • Understanding customers’ buying motivations
  • Asking the right questions that will uncover a customer’s most urgent need
  • Overcoming objections
  • Knowing when to close