Sales Strategy

sales-strategyA strong and focused Sales Strategy will follow the goals set by the Business Plan and the strategic direction set by the Marketing Plan, then define how the revenue and profit goals will actually be achieved.

This will include identifying specific target customers that offer the best opportunities for generating new business, determining the sales resources and activity needed to accomplish the financial goals and identifying the people who will actually get it done.

If you need to add a Sales Person or create a Sales Team to accomplish your business growth goals, I can help you execute your sales strategy by:

  • Finding, recruiting and deploying highly qualified sales people, if needed
  • Developing a Sales and Product Training Program that will give sales people the best opportunity to succeed
  • Establishing specific revenue or profit goals that are aggressive but attainable
  • Developing an effective Incentive Compensation Plan that will create the motivation and sense of urgency to achieve sales objectives
  • Motivating, coaching and mentoring sales people to ensure optimum performance
  • Establishing the best methods to track and measure performance
  • Thinking “out of the box” to drive revenue growth