manufactureAs a manufacturer, you rely on the the people and departments that help you meet the everyday demands of managing your company and satisfying your customers. This includes selling your products, processing orders and meeting shipping requirements, developing new and innovative products, supporting your employees and anything else that will keep your customers satisfied and your company moving forward.

If you are also trying to grow your business, do you have a plan in place to sell more of your products? Does your plan also include expectations for all your people and departments? Have you set clear goals for everyone involved in the plan and given them the tools to achieve them?

This much is clear:

Growing your business means more than just increasing sales!

I can help you develop and execute a business growth plan that will include:

  • Setting specific revenue and profit objectives for your sales person or sales team
  • Communicating the plan clearly and positively to all your employees
  • Defining the Marketing and Sales strategies that will deliver your growth
  • Ensuring that goals are aligned throughout your company and that all your departments and people are pulling in the same direction
  • Establishing timelines and milestones and a sense of urgency to achieve them