Healthcare Business Consulting

As a Healthcare Industry company, you understand the challenges presented by trying to grow your business in an environment that requires balancing product effectiveness, Managed Care and high quality patient care. Whether you are a medical device manufacturer or a service provider, you need to navigate through these issues on a daily basis in order to achieve or maintain business success.

My considerable Healthcare background includes experience in Home Health Services, Hemodialysis, Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Radiology and other market sectors. This positions me well to help you design and implement a plan to grow your business that will include:

  • Setting aggressive but realistic financial objectives
  • Targeting customer groups that offer the best opportunities for growth
  • How to approach Managed Care and large purchasing organizations
  • Gaining the support of of physicians
  • Aligning the goals of your sales, administration and patient care departments to maximize your opportunities to accomplish the growth of your business.